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Admitting to having a substance abuse problem can be tough. Many addicts feel like they are admitting to weakness; they feel shame for their actions. Yet, in all actuality, acknowledging you have an illness and seeking help from a treatment center is a courageous step. Alcohol Treatment Centers Red Bank can help addicts find a rehab center right for them. Detoxification, counseling sessions, peer support groups and relapse prevention programs are just some of the tools provided by treatment centers. Don't let life escape you any longer, get help today. Call Alcohol Treatment Centers Red Bank today for treatment options.

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How Does Alcohol and Drug Treatment Begin?

When an individual starts addiction therapy, he or she may feel scared or overwhelmed for two reasons:

  • What will life be like without drugs or alcohol?
  • Will the addiction treatment be successful?

Treatment will consist of helping the addict:

  • Recognize he or she has a problem
  • Agreeing he or she needs help
  • Understand how drug and alcohol use is destructive
  • Learn new activities; relearn interests before drugs dominated his or her life

A thorough evaluation is necessary in order for the medical staff to understand the patient's history with drug and alcohol abuse. Local Alcohol Treatment Centers in Red Bank will help you every step of the way. Here are some of the questions you can expect to be asked at intake:

  • How long have you been using drugs or alcohol?
  • How much have you been using?
  • How often do you do drugs or drink?
  • What type of substance is used?
  • How was the drug taken? (injection, smoking, inhaling, etc.)
  • If injected with a needle, are syringes cleaned or used by others?
  • How successful have past attempts with treatment for drug abuse been?

There is no universal process of treatment appropriate for everyone. Effective drug abuse rehabilitation attends to the specific needs of each individual addict.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Includes Knowing What to Ask

Once the addict is comfortable with what to expect and talks to the staff, he or she may have questions concerning his or her rehabilitation. Some or all of the following are questions to consider during the assessment phase of substance abuse treatment:

  • What is the interaction like between addicts and staff?
  • Are there additional services to be considered beyond what is included in the initial treatment?
  • How long will the rehab take? (An addict should not put a time limit on his or her recovery but should take as much time as they need. It does not hurt to get an idea of the time frame.)
  • Will the addict's family participate in the treatment?
  • What if the addict needs to work during treatment?
  • What happens if the addict has a relapse?

It is critical for the addict to feel comfortable at the treatment facility. The patient may not initially be at ease talking with other addicts, but this will happen with time. If an individual needs help to build skills in order to go back to work, vocational therapy may be an added component to his or her substance abuse treatment. The time frame will vary, but there is nothing wrong with this.

In many situations, the addict's family does play a role in the treatment. At treatment centers, patients will have the option of selecting outpatient treatment if they have obligations to meet, but it is critical for him or her to have a support system outside of the clinical environment. Lastly, if there is a relapse, it does not mean failure, but a learning opportunity for the addict, therapists, and doctors.When future temptations arise, both the addict and rehabilitation professionals will know what to do differently. Call Alcohol Treatment Centers Red Bank today.

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Red Bank New Jersey is the gateway to the area of two rivers. It is the Garden State's very own Greenwich Village. The town is full of funky coffee shops, trendy stores, an eclectic cuisine and a vibrant, artsy atmosphere. At just five miles from the ocean, you can also find the beach life to be quite an added bonus to the desirable town. Come see what else this diverse beach community has to offer, you will not be disappointed.


Upcoming Red Bank AA & NA Meetings:

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AA 24 Hour Group Thu, 4:00 PM Our Lady Star of the Sea 5371 Amboy Road, Staten Island, NY 10312
NA Second Baptist Church Fri, 7:30 PM New Way of Life Group Tradition, Discussion/Participation 93 Liberty Street, Long Branch, NJ 07740
NA Jersey Shore Medical Center Sat, 7:00 PM Women About Change Group, Discussion/Participation, Women Route 33, Neptune, NJ 07753
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