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The road to recovery is long and winding. Although everyone has different approaches and experiences during recovery, one thing is for certain, it should not be done alone. A big part of substance abuse recovery is addiction support. During recovery, addicts will find that the addiction support they gain from both fellow addicts and addiction counselors is one of the most beneficial aspects of treatment. Substance abuse is experienced by millions of people every year; it is one of the fastest growing diseases.

There is no reason why anyone should feel like they need to fight addiction alone when prescription drug addiction support in Red Bank is readily available in treatment centers. These are full of people who are willing to help addicts win the battle. These people are willing to listen and share in ways that give patients the determination to maintain sobriety. The new, positive addiction support groups formed in rehab can help patients release their harmful past relationships and give them a fresh start. Studies have shown that addicts are considerably more likely to relapse without a positive, solid addiction support group. Surround yourself with people driven to make the changes it takes to break the chains of addiction. This is not simply a support group during treatment; it can be a support group for life.

The benefits of addiction support in Red Bank go far beyond your time spent in clinical treatment. After release, patients are encouraged to reach out to additional groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA). In addition to the positive relationships gained during treatment, these outside groups help addicts continually maintain sobriety. These are platforms for recovering addicts to form meaningful relationships with others struggling with the same disease. Treatment programs also can set addicts up with sponsors, people who were in similar situations and willing to mentor others through the post-rehabilitation, 12 step program.


A large part of building positive relationships during and after treatment is to maintain sobriety and prevent relapse, which is not uncommon among recovering addicts. People have been known to relapse at any point in recovery, whether during treatment or after many years clean. One way to avoid relapse is to recognize how the process happens. Three stages of relapse include:

  • Emotional relapse: negative emotions and behaviors are beginning to develop, although you're not thinking about using just yet. These emotions can include anxiety, depression, irritability, self-isolation, and missing addiction support meetings.
  • Mental relapse: During this stage part of you wants to use again and the other part is still trying to resist.
  • Physical relapse: addicts usually stop attending support meetings altogether and suddenly find themselves driving to the liquor store or to meet up with a dealer.

Relapse happens to recovering addicts quite often, especially people who do not have positive addiction support in Red Bank. This does not mean you are weak or a failure, just that you need to seek out assistance. At treatment centers you will develop the relationships needed to prevent a possible relapse or get back on the right track if relapse has already occurred. Don't fight this battle alone, call Alcohol Treatment Centers Red Bank today to have a specialist find you the right treatment center. 732-455-1268


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