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Do you feel like alcohol has taken over your life? Alcohol abuse affects millions of people each year, as the legality and availability of the substance make it a top choice for most addicts. The wide social acceptance of the substance leads many to develop a dependency before they even realize it is a problem. Unknown to most people, alcohol abuse in Red Bank is one of the most dangerous forms of addictions, and it can not only ruin the life of the addict but those they surround themselves with as well. Do not let alcohol abuse tear apart your family; it is never too late to seek help for your addiction. Alcohol abuse in Red Bank can be treated at rehab centers which provide patients with the medical attention, counseling, support, and relapse prevention programs needed to help overcome the disease and get your life back. Shame and guilt will not help anyone overcome the illness, but determination and courage will.

Alcohol's Effect on Your Brain

When you consume alcohol, the brain releases endorphin's, making the user feel good. One study found that the brains of heavy drinkers released more endorphin's than the brains of moderate drinkers, suggesting that they may suffer from alcohol addiction because they are predisposed to it. According to this study, some people may be unconsciously trying to replace a brain chemical that they lack. While the effect of alcohol may make someone feel happy and excited in the beginning, the substance is really a depressant and will most likely cause great mental and physical health problems in the future.

The Effects of Alcohol Abuse

The effects of alcohol abuse are numerous and can be physically, psychologically, and socially debilitating. Alcoholism can destroy your relationships with family, friends, and colleagues. The physical effects can also be devastating. Liver disease, kidney disease, and cancer have been linked to alcohol abuse. In addition, alcoholics sometimes appear to be older than they are, and their mental status can also be affected. If you are addicted to alcohol and want to avoid these problems, there is help for you.

Find Help

It is best to seek assistance when cutting off your dangerous addiction. Withdrawal from alcohol can cause serious health risks, and in some cases it, it can be fatal. There are numerous alcohol detoxification and rehabilitation centers that can help with your recovery. Do not hesitate to utilize these resources. You can find gender-specific programs or dual-diagnosis programs that address both your alcohol dependency and your psychological disorder. The key to recovery is at your fingertips. Don't wait, call Alcohol Treatment Centers Red Bank today. (732) 455-1268

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