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The process of detoxification is one of the most crucial steps in addiction recovery. It re-balances the addict's brain chemistry and is the beginning of the physical healing process. Patients cannot begin a rehabilitation program until they have gone through detoxification. Alcohol detox is known to be one of the most dangerous processes; withdrawal symptoms have been known to be fatal in severe cases. Due to this, it is extremely important that alcohol detox centers in Red Bank have an experienced staff and accredited medical procedures.

Alcoholism can have some of the most devastating withdrawals since the substance is so readily available, it is much easier for people to over-consume. In addition to this, alcohol goes through the bloodstream quickly, making the alcohol detox centers in Red Bank even more important for coming down from illicit substances such as heroin. If you or a loved one suffers from alcoholism, please do not hesitate to contact a recovery center. Without the help of trained specialists, and around the clock medical assistance, the effects of the disease can be devastating. Start today, and give yourself or a loved one the help they not only deserve but desperately need.

The Chemistry of Addiction

Many people who do not understand the disease wrongly assume that addiction is the result of a lack of strong will. In reality, this chronic disease disturbs the normal functions of the brain. Drugs and alcohol stimulate dopamine, a neurotransmitter found in the reward center of the brain, which produces feelings of excitement, pleasure and an overall sense of well-being. Over time, the body becomes reliant on these substances to produce dopamine. Therefore, it becomes more difficult for it to produce dopamine naturally. The brain relies on the substance to generate pleasure; this is one of the main components of addiction. Users will crave alcohol because eventually they cannot feel pleasure without it.

The Process

The process of ridding the body of alcohol and/or drugs is known as detox. During detoxification patients may experience a variety of unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Yet, this process cannot be avoided as it is vital to stabilizing the patient before they can begin recovery.

In many cases, alcohol withdrawal can be incredibly uncomfortable and sometimes fatal. Patients may have to be administered medications to ease these symptoms, and they must be watched around the clock by trained professionals.

Many inpatient facilities do not offer detoxification programs on site; it must be done before entering the center. At Alcohol Treatment Centers Red Bank, they can assist you in finding the right place to suit your specific needs. Call today at (732) 455-1268.

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