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Drug and alcohol rehabs in Red Bank can help people with even the most severe cases of addiction overcome the disease. Programs offered at drug and alcohol rehabs in Red Bank offer individualized and well-rounded approaches to cater to each patient's unique needs. Substance abuse is damaging to more than just one's physical health, but mental health as well, and without the help of experienced addiction specialists, most people cannot beat the disease on their own. The most difficult step in entering drug and alcohol rehab is admitting you need help, because many addicts either are in denial sometimes for fear of the unknown. They have many misconceptions about treatment, some of which include:


The disease can be completely cured in rehab

FALSE: Addiction cannot be "cured," just better managed. The knowledge gained during treatment teaches addicts to make better lifestyle decisions, not shake the addiction completely.

Rehabilitation clinics are depressing

Patients in rehabs are on constant lockdown

FALSE: Patients can come and go as they please as long as they stay out of legal trouble. Rehab does come with some restrictions, but this is only for a short time period.

Treatment does not work

FALSE: It has been statistically proven that people who complete addiction programs have a better chance of maintaining sobriety than those who do not.

If you are forced to enter rehab, it will not work

FALSE: It is true that recovery will be easier if the patient willingly enters treatment, but this is not to say that an unwilling addict will not benefit from the program. In most cases, after spending a little time in treatment, a client will choose the path to sobriety.

Only failures seek out treatment

FALSE: Admitting you have a problem and seeking help for it is a sign of strength, not weakness. Making the decision to completely change one's life takes immense courage. Often this brain disease requires medical assistance.

Every rehabilitation center is the same

FALSE: Rehabilitation centers provide individualized programs, unique to each patient's specific needs, increasing the likelihood that the patient will have a lasting recovery.

Treatment is centered on religion

FALSE: Although there are many people who incorporate spirituality and/or religion into their 12-step program, it is not necessary. Acknowledging a higher power helps many addicts during the recovery process, yet it is not a requirement.

Treatment facilities brainwash patients

FALSE: Addiction does all the brainwashing. Rehabilitation facilities actually reverse the brainwashing effect the disease has on the addict. Instructing patients on how to make healthier decisions both mentally and physically teaches them how to take hold of their lives again.


Treatment centers understand how difficult and frightening it can be to consider rehabilitation treatment, especially if your decision is being based on misconceptions like the above-listed ones. Call to receive help finding the treatment center that will save the life of a loved one.


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