Drug Abuse Prevention in Red Bank, NJ

The main goal of drug abuse prevention in Red Bank is to ensure that a patient not only achieves sobriety but that their sobriety is life-long. Most recovering addicts struggle with temptation their whole lives, things you would never consider to be relapse triggers can cause them intense cravings. Drug abuse prevention in Red Bank helps patients identify what their specific triggers are, and also help them develop prevention plans to discourage the behavior before it even begins. Without drug abuse prevention treatment, it is common for struggling addicts to relapse, and once this happens, it can be very difficult for them to regain the confidence it takes to re-enter treatment. These programs are not meant to prepare patients for the worst but set them up for the most successful recovery process possible. Give you or your loved one the advantage they deserve and provide them with drug abuse prevention in Red Bank. Find peace and empowerment and the tools needed to succeed both mentally and physically.

Courage To Enter Treatment

It takes courage to enter recovery. Everyone resists change, even if it means change for the better. Embracing change during the recovery is necessary because recovery is not an event, it is a process.

Courage is not the absence of fear; it is taking action despite the fear. Individualized rehab programs start by helping build confidence and self-esteem. When an addict is finally ready and willing to accept help, they begin to understand that they already possess the inner strength to move past their fears and embrace the changes they need to make to beat addiction.

Letting Go of the Shame

If you've been struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, you have most likely suffered from feelings of shame. Shame and addiction are deeply intertwined. Shame drives most addicts to escape it however they can, even temporarily with substance abuse. This is what drives the shame-addiction cycle. After you abuse drugs or alcohol, the guilt felt can drive one to escape through substance abuse again.

You need to know that this cycle can be broken.

  • Admit the shame: and do not criticize yourself for it. This will help you learn to have more compassion for yourself and to be less critical of yourself and others.
  • Understand that your addiction does not define who you are.
  • Accept that you are not perfect and that we all make It's hard not to be judgmental about yourself when you're an addict, but when you finally accept your imperfections, you are free to move on and make positive life changes.
  • Realize that you're not alone: Isolating oneself is unnecessary when you have the support of other recovering addicts and counselors. The genuine care and support they provide gives addicts the motivation it takes to overcome the disease.
  • Forgive yourself for the choices that led you to substance abuse, and for the situation you find yourself in. Everyone carries pain.


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