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To someone struggling with an addiction, sobriety can seem like an impossible goal. Substance abuse changes a user's brain in a way that makes temptation extremely difficult to resist if they are not given the proper tools to overcome the disease. Thankfully, drug treatment programs in Red Bank offer the medical assistance (if necessary), knowledge, and support it takes for an addict to change their life around and have a successful recovery. Drug treatment programs in Red Bank show patients that recovery is a process, not an event. The valuable information learned in rehab will be useful life-long, not just during their time spent at an inpatient facility. After release from a drug treatment program, patients will have the confidence to take on a world of temptation and the support necessary to overcome the disease. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by seeking the help you deserve.

Taking The First Step

Admitting that you have a problem and seeking help is one of the most difficult steps an addict must take in order to enter recovery. Most people experience feelings of pride or shame, this deters them from finding the help that they so desperately need. Most of the time people will wait until they hit rock bottom before they make the decision to change their lives. Unfortunately, rock bottom could be too late for some. Accepting the power the illness holds over an addict before it is too late may be difficult, but it can save lives. It is important that an addict or their loved ones learn how to recognize the situations and behaviors associated with substance abuse before their lives spiral too far out of control. Certain events tend to trigger addictive tendencies and/or can be signs of substance abuse, some of these include:

  • Loss of a job
  • Change in relationship status
  • Loss of a family member or friend
  • Legal issues
  • Financial instability
  • Deterioration of one's health
  • Decline of one's mental health


Addiction recovery treatment protocol starts with a medically-managed detoxification process to help patients physically withdrawal from alcohol and/or drugs as safely and as comfortably as possible. Individual assessments help determine which of multidisciplinary therapies will provide the maximum benefit for each client. This includes dual diagnosis treatment, where mental or emotional difficulties that are contributing to the addiction are treated holistically, utilizing a combination of behavioral therapy, medications and support groups to bolster the recovery process.


After the detoxification process, the counseling portion of the drug treatment program can begin. During these therapy sessions, patients will be engaged in both one on one meetings with an addiction specialist, and support groups with other addicts. During these counseling sessions, patients are encouraged to find the root of their addictions, this is necessary for overcoming it. Both the mental and physical health of the addict is factored in during therapy. The insight gained through the experiences of others encourages addicts to take responsibility for their actions and give them the confidence needed to fight their temptations. Without the support and knowledge gained through addiction education and counseling, an addict may not have the strength needed to start fresh.

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