Family Addiction a Battle in South Jersey

Family Addiction a Battle in South Jersey

Stand Up to Addiction was founded by Jimmy Graham, a South New Jersey parent who watched his children fight different battles with drugs. Although there were many programs and resources his children could turn to, he noticed that there weren't many resources for families watching their loved ones go through addiction, so Graham started the nonprofit organization. He decided to stop hiding from the problems his family was facing and get help for himself and others in his small town of Pitman.

About Family Addiction

Family addiction counseling is one of many services offered by comprehensive drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs in Red Bank NJ. Substance abuse and dependence can not only affect the individual but everyone connected to them including family members. Through family addiction therapy and counseling, addicts and their family members can heal wounds that were created by the actions the individual took while they were habitually drinking or taking drugs.

Counseling sessions can also help family members understand what the addict is going through and how hard it is to work through all of the steps of recovery. Family addiction support groups can also play a big part in helping an addict prevent relapses by teaching loved ones how to be there for the person suffering from addiction is under additional stress and may be in danger of using or drinking. Family addiction counseling can be the linchpin a recovery addict needs to tie their recovery to getting back to a balanced life and re-establishing relationships that may have been damaged during their life of habitual drug use.

At a minimum, a person's drug use can have devastating effects on their finances, employment and other aspects of their life that family members can help with as they return to a sober lifestyle. No matter what, a recovering addict will have many fences to mend, especially with family members but with many other people as well.

Getting Help for Family Addiction

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