What is the Opiate Blocker Pill?

Learn all about the opiate blocker pill

First of all, lets describe an opiate. An opiate is part of the opioid family which can be either made from natural or synthetic chemicals. This type of drug binds to receptors in the brain and body. Some common names of opioids that you may have heard of are heroin, oxycodone, hydrocodone and fentanyl.

Amidst a nation-wide epidemic of opioid influenced overdoses, the use of opiate blocker shots have become a necessity. An addiction to an opiate causes constant cravings that come through as an overwhelming desire for the drug making the abuser lose control, making it very hard to say no to taking it. Abusers who are searching for help commonly look for anti craving medication for opiates that block the cravings, or necessity for the drug. If you've been wondering where you can find anti craving medication for opiates

Opiate blocker pill and opiate blocker shot

Being addicted to an opioid is a chronic disease that almost always needs treatment. It is very difficult to walk away from an addiction to an opioid due to the effect it has on the brain and the body, permitting a constant craving. When seeking treatment or looking for anti craving medication for opiates, contact a treatment center. If you or someone you love is addicted to an opioid medication like the opiate blocker pill or opiate blocker shot, treatment can allow the abuser to return to a normal state of mind, away from the effects that the drug imposes on the mind. The different anti craving medication for opiates allow people suffering from an addiction to be free from thinking about the drug constantly while giving the abuser the ability to focus on lifestyle changes and healthy living.

According to SAMHSA, it is important to point out that taking medication such as an opiate blocker pill is not the same as medication that controls other diseases like diabetes. It is also important to point out that it is not used to substitute on drug for another and if it is used correctly, it won't create a new addiction. Anti craving medications for opiates help abusers manage the addiction in order for them to work their way through recovery.

What is an opiate blocker shot or an opiate blocker pill?

There are few different types of medications that can help those who are suffering from an opioid addiction. These are called, Naltrexone, Methadone, and Buprenorphine. Naltrexone is a medication that comes in the form of an opiate blocker pill, or shot, that blocks the effect that the drug has on the brain, not allowing the user to get high. This is a type of drug that helps with relapse prevention due to the fact that the user no longer feels the high that they receive when taking the drug.

Various generic names for Naltrexone are:

  • ReVia: opiate blocker pill
  • Depade: opiate blocker pill
  • Vivitrol: extended- release opiate blocker shot

It is important to point out what is considered true and false about naltrexone, according to SAMHSA:

  • Naltrexone does help an abuser avoid relapse, it is legal and prescribed by a doctor. It is not another drug to replace the problem drug.
  • Naltrexone is produced in safe conditions and sold legally which means you cannot get "not pure" doses as you can find with problem drugs on the street.
  • Naltrexone is NOT addictive; you can stop taking it at any point without any withdrawal or craving symptoms.
  • Naltrexone does not cause depression but may cause mood swings. This is something that needs to be communicated with the prescribing doctor.

If you or someone you love is suffering from an Opiate addiction and is in need of help, please do not hesitate to seek it. Opiate addiction is a serious problem all over the country. Do not wait until it is too late, help is around the corner. Call 732-455-1268 today to learn about your options.


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