Signs of Addiction in Red Bank, NJ

Being able to identify the signs of addiction in Red Bank can potentially save a life. Substance abuse can develop into a serious brain disease if the problem is ignored. Often, people develop a drug or alcohol dependency before they even realize it, or before their loved ones take notice. This is usually due to feelings of denial that are commonly associated with addiction. Emotions such as shame, guilt, and pride can cause addicts to avoid treatment for as long as possible. Unfortunately, the longer you wait the more serious the disease becomes. Therefore, it is important to recognize the signs of addiction so that the problem can be stopped before the consequences become deadly. Although addicts can show varying signs of addiction, there are quite a few that are commonly seen. Learning how to recognize the signs of addiction in Red Bank is beneficial for both the person with the illness and their loved ones. Save a life and begin to educate yourself today.

A Need for the Drug

One of the biggest and clearest indications that someone's drug use has gotten to the point of drug dependence is that they show a true need to have the drug. This can be seen clearly by those in the addict's life when the addict is denied the drug for a period of time. They would be more willing to take significant risks to obtain their drug of choice, and they will be more irritable until the drug became available to them again. If someone is willing to put themselves at risk and go to great lengths to find their fix, they likely have a drug or alcohol dependency.

Social Changes

Those who are truly addicted to drugs usually undergo major changes in their social life due to their drug dependence. They struggle to maintain their relationships more than most people do, and they are likely to give up hobbies and activities that they used to enjoy. An addict may struggle in school when they once excelled, have problems holding a job, or adopt an entirely new group of friends. They could also be very guarded about what they do in their free time when they were once very open.

Financial and Legal Issues

Drug addicts are more likely than the average person to face financial and legal issues. Due to the high cost of substance abuse, addicts have to spend large amounts of money to keep up their high. They often run into trouble with the law while trying to get their hands on drugs or alcohol. Someone with a serious addiction will do whatever it takes to get a fix, regardless of what the consequences might be.

If you or your loved one has exhibited some of these signs of addiction in Red Bank, it is likely they need to seek out treatment. Do not let this problem persist, when sobriety is an obtainable goal. Call Alcohol Treatment Centers Red Bank today at (732) 455-1268.

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